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Dark Chocolate and Toasted Cereal Slab - A Rich Delight!

Step into a realm of pure indulgence with our Dark Chocolate and Toasted Cereal Slab! Crafted with passion in our artisanal chocolate studio, this masterpiece marries the velvety richness of dark chocolate with the satisfying crunch of toasted cereal. Immerse yourself in the pure pleasure of this divine pairing.

  • Velvety & Decadent
  • Crunchy Satisfaction
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship
  • No Palm Oil
  • Customisable

Our dedicated chocolatiers pour their heart into each creation, ensuring that every nibble delivers a moment of sheer bliss. The luxurious dark chocolate gently melts in your mouth, while the toasted cereal adds a delightful crunch that surprises and delights.

Whether it's a personal treat or a heartfelt gift, our Dark Chocolate and Toasted Cereal Slab embodies the essence of richness and happiness.

We prioritise the quality of our ingredients, so you can savor this delightful experience with complete peace of mind. Let the exquisite combination of dark chocolate and toasted cereal brighten your day. Order your Dark Chocolate and Toasted Cereal Slab now and unveil a world of deliciousness!

Weight: 100g