About us

From our family to yours


The prestigious Maître Chocolatier Michel Clement started this new business concept resulting from over 20 years of experience in the Island of Bali.

His groundbreaking life and character have led him to create Be Chocolat: The chocolate shop and workshop where every product is handmade in front of the customer by using the best cocoa as in the world.

His path in life has led him to complete dedication to the world of chocolate. He has been responsible for the creation and development of different chocolate brands that have revolutionised the sector with their transgressive nature.

His anarchic childhood in Africa and his Belgian genetic make up shaped his professional identity as a chocolatier, his life story would always be marked by his attachment to the culture of chocolate, his passion for African Cocoa and his free well in his way of treating it.


James is the new generation of Be Chocolat. He is a passionate artisan chocolatier. His creativity has inspired Michel to expand his chocolate workshop from Barcelona & Bali to Brighton.

His career as an art director in the hairdressing world brought him worldwide and after years travelling around Asia, America and Europe he decided to stay in Bali and that's how James met Be Chocolat.

As the creative and artistic person he is, he decides to take a step further and open Be Chocolat in Brighton, a place that once stole his heart.

After all, James is not changing his skills, he is taking his artistic flair in a different direction: he still makes people happy, using his hands as tools and his mind as art.