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A Zesty Lemon and White Chocolate Dream 

Get ready to taste the most tantalising treat in town - our handcrafted White Chocolate-Dipped Lemon Peel! We're a small independent chocolate shop, and we're all about freshness, quality, and using only the best ingredients. Values you can taste in every one of these lemony delights! Plus, they're gluten-free and palm oil-free. 

Imagine sinking your teeth into the perfect blend of zesty lemon and creamy white chocolate. We carefully prepare each lemon with the utmost care before giving it a luscious white chocolate dip. This is the treat you didn't know you needed - until now!

  • Tangy meets sweet
  • Handmade with love
  • Always fresh
  • Top-notch quality
  • Gluten-free & Palm oil free

Treat yourself or surprise someone special with this unique fusion of flavours. Don't wait - grab a box of our White Chocolate-Dipped Lemon Peel today and get ready to be blown away by the taste sensation! Trust us; you won't be able to stop at just one. Enjoy!