In Store Specials

If you are visiting Brighton or live nearby, pop in to see us at 15 Duke Street to try our special in store only treats...

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Ice Cream has never been cooler! How does it work? We make your personalised ice-cream in front of you!

1. Choose your ice cream (white chocolate, milk chocolate, vegan dark chocolate made with oat milk)

2. Choose your coating (we will dip your ice cream in your choice of melted chocolate - milk chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate caramel, strawberry or vegan dark chocolate)

3. Choose your toppings, go crazy! (flaked chocolate, crispearls, flaked salted almonds, flaked hazelnuts, crumbled hazelnut praline, sea salt, cocoa nibs, popping candy, crushed honeycomb)

It's never too hot for a Be Chocolat Hot Chocolate...

1. Be Classic
Made with milk, cream and of course... CHOCOLATE! This hot choc is incredibly thick, creamy, sweet and sensual. Available in dark, milk and white chocolate.

2. Be Pure
A rich, intense and stimulating dark hot chocolate. All of the hot chocolates in this range are vegan and you can choose your cocoa percentage: The Sixty, The Seventy or The Eighty!

3. Be Adventurous
Feeling spicy? This range combines different chocolate flavour combinations to tickle your tastebuds. From spicy ginger to fruity orange... these creations are certainly worth a try! Vegan and non-vegan options available.

How hot do you feel?

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Chocolate Fruit Bowls

Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.. or all of them! I mean.. our Be Chocolat fruit bowls have your 5-a-day!

A granola and fresh fruit layered bowl slathered in melted chocolate of your choice with delicious toppings. These are a must- try! Vegan and dairy options available.

More than just a milkshake... this is the Be Chocolat Cold Shake that has shaken the world!

In need of a refreshing and indulgent drink? Our cold and creamy shakes are for you! Topped with crunchy chocolatey bits, we have an array of delicious vegan and dairy options available.

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Fancy chocolate? Or coffee? Or both? We offer a range of coffees from Americanos to Cappuccinos and everything in between! But... our favourite is a chocolate - coffee fusion... the Mocca Latte of course! Have you tried it? It's pretty damn special!